Pier – Surf Fishing Kit

Pier Fishing Kit

Sometimes it’s great to go sit on a pier and just see what the tide brings in. Here is a great pier accessory fishing kit that has everything you need to make your day at the pier go just a little more enjoyable. 1. Bett 3.5-Feet Tyzac Nylon Cast Net (1/4 Inch Mesh)($30.00) 2. Buck Silver Creek Filet Knife ($29.00) 3. Earth Outdoor Fishing Chair ($66.00) 4. Coleman 58-Quart Ultimate Extreme Marine Cooler ($68.00) 5. Reels on Wheel Jr. Fishing Cart ($199.00) 6. Frabill Personal Bait Station ($40.00) 7. Wild River Tackle Tech Rigger 5-Gallon Bucket Organizer ($34.00) 8. Mustad Multi-purpose Pliers ($7.00)


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