5 Center Console Fishing Boats under 50,000.00


When you are shopping for a new boats it can often be overwhelming to find a great fishing boat that won’t break the bank. With center consoles ranging in price from six figures. Here are a list of great center console boats that won’t break the bank.

The first center console fishing boat on the list is the Cobia 217CC with a base MSRP of $42,821. The Cobia 217CC runs and fishes comfortably with a 8 person capacity and wide layout. 217CC also offers a wide range of feature and options that will turn you into a fishing machine.

Cobia 217 Center Console Fishing Boat

Next on the list is the 2013 Mako 184 CC. The Mako 184CC offers a shallow draft that allows you to fish inshore but is sturdy enough to handle those offshore trips. The MSRP is 27,995.00.

Mako 184 Center Console
Mako 184 Center Console Fishing Boat

The next boat on our list is the Trophy 2203 Center Console. The Trophy 2203 Center Console has a few different options so the MSRP is varied but you can definitely get some bang for your buck with this center console.

Trophy 2203 Center Console Fishing Boat

The Robalo R180 Center Console is next. The R180 comes with all types of options and is reasonably priced. I specially like that it comes with a trailer in it’s base package. As a side note Robalo’s website was one of the easiest to navigate.

Robalo R180 Center Console
Robalo R180 Center Console

The last center console boat on the list is the 208CC Edgewater. This boat is an all around winner it looks sexy, rides smooth and built for fishing. With options this boat can price over 50,000.00 but as we all know boats are works in progress.

Edge Water 208CC
Edgewater 208CC Fishing Boat

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